Program Guidelines

Each full training day attended at LAI since 1st May 2014 is worth 10 Channelproof points, unless otherwise specified. Exam sessions, specials, events and online courses are excluded from the Channelproof program.

Channelproof points are granted to the student. A Channelproof account with the points balance is created or updated after joining a course at any of the LAI locations. An e-mail with the updated information is sent to the student’s e-mail address known to LAI.

Channelproof gifts are sent free of charge within Europe, or can be picked up upon agreement from the LAI office in Schiedam.

Channelproof points are valid for 3 years from their grant date.

LAI reserves the right to modify or terminate the program at any time. Any changes to the program are posted at this site and are considered effective immediately upon posting, unless otherwise specified.